Black Hat SEO sounds rather dashing and romantic, does it not? Actually, it is a set of fairly sneaky and underhanded practices that play the Internet to produce false and inflated search engine results. Black Hat SEO techniques only work in the short term and can result in having your website de-listed. What are these nefarious activities, and what can you do to avoid them? Read on to learn more.


Be sure to use original and unique content on your site. With Black Hat SEO, a person might steal the content of another and post it as his or her own. This will raise search engine rankings briefly, but it will also raise red flags that cause those rankings to fall very soon. For this reason, using duplicate content is a very bad idea.

Use keywords judiciously. You need just the right amount to catch the attention of the search engines but not so much as to make them ignore you and make your content dull, repetitious and unreadable. The exact percentage of keywords desirable changes from time to time, so it is a good idea to check this through services such as Google Keyword Tool and others. You may want to adjust your keyword use in existing articles for optimization. Whatever you do, do not stuff keywords.

Be sure your keywords are connected to each other. Sites that are considered authoritative have consistent content. It should all be on the same or similar topics without the insertion of other sorts of keywords just to try to grab ratings. If you are really an expert on something, that is what you will tend to talk about, and the search engines know it!

Build back-links naturally through genuine association with other websites in your niche. Black Hat SEO makes use of link farms that automatically link all sites in a group to one another. This worked once upon a time, but now search engine bots are wise to it and it can reflect upon you badly.

Use a clean, straightforward presentation of all information on your website. Don’t cloak or hide your text or links. One Black Hat SEO technique is to cloak links to trick people into clicking on them or to hide keywords by making the font the same color as the background of the page. Don’t do this!

Keep your website clean and free of Trojans, malware and viruses. Use a web host with good security and give your visitors a clean and safe experience. If your website is a threat to visitors, you could end up being blacklisted.

That’s just a few of the sneaky, Black Hat SEO techniques you should avoid. There are many more in existence and more growing all the time. Just remember to stay on the up-and-up and give your visitors the same sort of experience you would want yourself, and you can avoid being down-rated, de-listed or even blacklisted by the major search engines.