Practically every day Google makes modifications in to the search algorithm and often it changes a bulk of the algorithm formula with greater updates like Penguin, EMD, Panda and so on. These modifications contributes to changes in forces and rankings web designers to take proper activities. So, what are the possible reasons for a drop in rankings. Many of them are discussed below:-.

Reasons for a Sudden Drop in Google Rankings.

Change in Google Ranking Algorithm – This is the most essential reason for a drop in website rankings. Whenever Google does modifications into its ranking algorithm with updates like Florida, Florida,ÊPanda,ÊPenguin,ÊEMD, Emanuel etc. and you see a decrease in rankings then there are possibilities that your website has actually been impacted by the upgrade.

Freshness Factor– Site that is upgraded just recently get a boost in rankings for a specified duration of time like as long as the tale remains fresh. The rankings drop once the freshness aspect lessens.

Malware– If Google has smelled some kind of malware on your website then they will most likely down your website rankings since they do not want the users to visit a malware had an effect on website. The very best you can do is to see Google Webmasters and examine the malware affected pages and eliminate them. After removing send a reconsideration request to Google and hopefully the problems would be solved.

Page Rank Loss– If your website has a drop in Page Rank then it is rather a reason for a drop in rankings. Google still supports Page Rank and utilizes it as a measure to rate a specific web pages appeal. Although recently, the portion of relevance on Page Rank has decreased however still it has not finished totally.

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Replicate Content Penalty– If your site has duplicate content issue then Google will begin devaluing your website and drop its rankings. So, make sure to upgrade or get rid of the pages having duplicate content.

Unnatural Backlinks– This can be one of the serious problems related to a drop in rankings. If you have actually received an abnormal backlink notice under your Google Webmasters account then take that seriously and do an audit of the back links of your website. Use the disavow links device to get rid of all the unnatural links to your website and send out a reconsideration request to Google.

Site Giving Out Paid Links– If your site is linking to various other internet site by taking cash and passing on link juice then this is a huge reason to worry. Websites took part in the practice of buying and selling links commonly receive a manual Google penalty and it becomes very challenging for that site to obtain back the lost rankings and credibility.

Server Issue- Many times server faces problem and remains busy. If your site is down and Google bots face issue in crawling and indexing the site then it could be an reason for a drop in rankings.

Broken Links – If your site has too lots of broken links then Google considers it as a bad user experience as pages connected would show a 404 error. Thus, discover out all the broken links present on your site with the aid of broken link checkers and remove them.

Google Sandbox Effect– It takes place with brand-new sites as they receive a synthetic boost in rankings for a specific duration of time. Find out even more about Google Sandbox effect.

Robot.txt issue– It can occur that you made some modifications in the robot.txt file which may have avoided Google bots from crawling and indexing your website causing a drop in rankings.

Cloaking or Doorway Pages– Cloaking takes place when your website reveals different material to the individuals than is proven to the search engines. If this is the problem then your site might deal with a heavy charge from Google. If your website has a lot of pages that are specifically developed to place higher on the search engines utilized for spamdexing then discover those pages and remove them as soon as possible.

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