Many people do not take the time to think things through when they design websites. They think it is all about

aesthetics, but it is much more to it then that. You have to make sure that all parts of your site are functioning appropriately. If they aren’t, you can look forward to a decrease in users. Use the tips here to keep people coming to your site.

One thing that is not so obvious is that fact that many websites work with and without the “www” extension. You should make sure that your site is able to do this. Many people put in the name of the site without it, and they will get a message that your page is invalid. While some people may realize that leaving out the “www” is the case, others will just visit a different site.

You want to sign up with a host that does not have a lot of downtime. In life there are no guarantees, but you do want to find a company that is fairly reliable. While every site experiences downtime at some point, you do not want to deal with a host that is down more than it is up. Asks to see stats before signing up with anyone so you know what you are getting into.

Always go to your website before you put it up to make sure that everything is working as it should. If your site has a shopping cart, complete a test transaction to make sure there are no problems. The worst thing you can do is put the site up without checking everything out. If your visitors have too many problems, it is likely they will not want to come back.

Open your website and view it in all of the major browsers. You want to make sure that users that access your site

will have no issues. Sometimes things work in some browsers and not in others. If you find issues when using any of the more popular browsers, you should probably do things over. While you can always let people know that your site is only compatible with certain browsers, it is more user friendly to make sure that it works regardless of which browser people choose.

Every site has a certificate and it is important that yours is up to date as it should be. One thing that people like is security, and you are not able to guarantee that if your certificates are out of date. Also, make sure that you have a separate certificate for each website you own. Some people try to get one set of certificates and use them for each of their sites. Visitors may receive a warning if you do that and many of them will not visit.

While looking good is important, the most important thing about having a good website is good content. If it is hard to view your content, people will go somewhere else in order to get what they want. Following the advice here should help you keep people coming to your site.