HSBC is a bank that was founded in 1865. Its motive was to form trustworthy and functional trading systems between Asia and Western countries. It is currently one of the largest financial institutions in the world currently. It serves approximately 46 million people. You can be part of the people enjoying HSBC financial services.

HSBC has its headquarters in London. They serve many companies worldwide. They have the following four primary business groups that you can choose from:

  • Commercial banking
  • Investment banking
  • Retail banking
  • Wealth and asset management

HSBC is the second largest company in the New York Stock Exchange. Despite the recent economic recession, HSBC continues to make strides in the stock market.


Customer service is their DNA

HSBC has put emphasis on telephone banking system technology in order to make it easy for their clients to use their services. When you have queries or problems, you can find their local contacts and call them. To save time and money, you need to have your banking details next to you. For cheaper call rates, you can use your landline.

For urgent issues, such as lost or stolen cards, you can call their customer service directly. They offer 24 hours telephone support. So, if you get hijacked in the middle of the night, then you don’t have to worry about your bank details, just look for HSBC contact and call their customer care for quick help. You don’t have to go to the bank for such services.

You can also contact customer service for the following reasons:

  • To check your balance
  • Pay your bills
  • Transfer money to a friend or a family member
  • Update your existing personal details

HSBC also embraces internet tech as a means to create convenience for their clients. Through the internet, you can make payments, check transactions and ask queries. For faster answers and solutions to your problems, you can be sure to use your telephone.

Convenience at its best

To get the most of HSBC services, you can also embrace phone banking. To register, you need to phone the respective hotline and then use any of your ATM cards or credit cards and respective PIN to register.

The security is also enhanced using this avenue of banking. In addition to pin, they send a onetime SMS to complete the transaction. Through phone banking, you can enjoy the following:

  • Access your accounts, make transactions and payments
  • Find branches and ATMs
  • Report lost cards
  • Make enquiries on personal internet banking services
  • Make personal loan or mortgage enquiries
  • Manage your investment and credit card services
  • Access Insurance services

Technology is key

To help save you the burden of having to remember many passwords, HSBC uses video meetings and voice recognition tech. This enhances security and fastens the whole banking process. You can imagine the inconvenience that can arise when you forget your passwords. This is something you might like about HSBC.

For businesses, HSBC uses a site called link screen. This site enables businesses in need of loan, credit card or overdraft to speak with an advisor and view relevant documents online instead of being forced to visit the branch. This tech makes banking easier and faster.

HSBC uses tech to move with the demands of changing times. This is something you must be part of.


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