Success in Internet marketing is about traffic, and a web site called Alexa keeps really good trail of this. These position ranked according to popularity, and are released. When you get into the amounts that are lower, the value of a web site can be in direct correlation with the Alexa traffic rankings.
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The Alexa traffic positions are a remarkable accomplishment when you consider the service ranks websites into the tens of millions. For the Internet marketer, it’s also a fantastic instrument to estimate how popular their website is. This provides target and a gauge for the web site direction to try and scale in the ranks, and thereby create more traffic to their site via the search engines.

How some of the top websites stack up? Here’s a list of the top ten websites online.
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1. MySpace

2. Facebook

3. Yahoo

4. YouTube

5. Google

6. – Leading Chinese search engine.

7. Wikpedia

8. Windows Live


10. MSN

So how precise are Alexa Ranks? With all these websites, it’d virtually not be possible to have absolute precision in rank the websites. Alexa uses a rule that takes specific standards into account in the measurement procedure. For the top 100,000 websites, it grows less precise from there on, and seems to be quite precise. But the top million for the most part, are a fairly close approximation.
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So how come this is significant to you? There are several reasons why a serious Internet marketer would need to pay close attention to these positions. The higher you rank, the more traffic you get, and the more precious your Internet real estate becomes. Second, it gives one an inside look at their contest, in addition to credibility of the site. Following is a hint. There’s an excellent small you can install in your web browser called “search standing”. This enables you to instantly assess the position on any Alexa listed website.

I simply said that Alexa ranks have a correlation that was financial. Internet positions are much like real estate; high traffic equals high advertising worth. A top Alexa rated website can be exceptionally precious based on the ranking’s traffic.

Here’s a rough approximation how they relate to monetary value, and on positions.
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1,000,000 – Very little traffic, only a runt of the factory site.

500,000 to 1,000,000 – A position that is fairly great, and if they’ve a great merchandise and advertising, the website is probably creating revenue.
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250,000 to 500,000 – This is quite great traffic, and it’s likely reasonably successful, if it’s a business website.

100,000 to 250,000- this is break-even point, when you get into the place, your website is successful.

20,000 – 100,000- this is big deal. You get into this place, and an adequate merchandise, and advertising ability and if you, you may not be unlikely making money. This is the stage where your website begins to have some actual marketing worth.

1, 000- 20,000 –This is quite a successful website, and you’re likely tremendously rewarding by marketing worth alone. This additionally becomes you can sell for big amounts of cash.
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1,000 – These websites are worth millions, if not billions of dollars.

In conclusion, needs to be carefully tracked, and Alexa rank are crucial to the Internet marketer. As a marketer, ones aim should be to scale as high as possible in the ranks. The higher you get, the higher you’ll rate in key word searches. You are going to be quite successful in your Internet business, if you’re able to get to the top page on the most famous word searches.