Excel 2013 offers the best tool for integrating 2 columns of information into one. You no more need to utilize the concatenate function. You merely need to type.

In this example, I develop a brand-new column of information called Full Name. I currently have a First Name column and a Last Name Column. I will utilize Flash Fill to integrate the information from the 2 columns.

Action 1– Add a brand-new column

TIP: The brand-new column needs to appear to the right of the 2 columns you have to integrate. Flash Fill WILL NOT work if the brand-new column appears prior to the information you are integrating.

Click on a column heading and select Insert to include a brand-new column.


Action 2– Add a column heading

I will go into the heading Full Name in cell D2.

Action 3– Type the info from the 2 cells to integrate

In the very first row of the list, type the details from both cells you want to integrate in the brand-new column. I will type Antonio Rommero in the Full Name column of the very first row.

Action 4– In the next row start typing details from the very first column you are integrating

In this circumstances, start typing the name LeAnn, which is the given name in this row. The Flash Fill List appears however is dimmed.

Action  5– Press Enter key into to finish the Flash Fill

Press Enter to accept the Flash Fill List.