Magento can proudly boast of being the MOST popular CMS for ecommerce and is equally suitable for both small and large e-commerce companies.

Since it has an open system architecture, it can be easily installed or altered, enabling one to create highly appealing and unique user experiences corresponding to different types of devices.

Magento grows with your business, regardless of any e commerce features or enhancements that you may want to use within your store. In short, you can use it in any manner you like!

Having said that, just having Magento as your basic e-store platform is NOT enough. The qualities that it offers, has to be maintained too.

You may have experienced slow performance symptoms like – same data getting loaded multiple number of times or insufficient memory usage or maybe redundant data utilization etc.

It is extremely important to keep a track on what restricts Magento from performing optimally. And there are various factors that can account for the same.

There are security threats in terms of malicious SQL queries, breaking websites, session management attack on the weak authentication processes, remote command execution by hackers etc. One must identify the loopholes and incorporate proper security measures to tackle these hurdles.

Magento’s sluggishness can also be reduced by regularly monitoring the web performance and applying smart tips such as full page caching, limiting the products on the overview page, making a W3C compliant store or enhancing the web pages.

Applying value-adds to your store such as – upgrading Magento, optimizing the content and images, adding extensions, using strong security passwords etc. can also make a huge impact on your overall store performance.

The infographic below gives you a fair idea about what you can do to maintain a healthy ecommerce store and get the maximum benefit out of it.

magento infographic

Divya Dube

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