When you first start losing weight, it can seem like it’s going really well. Then, after a while, it stops working. You feel like you’ve hit a wall, even though you’re doing the same things you were doing before. You might get discouraged, but you don’t need to. Here are some steps you can take to make sure that you are going to continue to lose weight.

If you have been exercising a lot, eat more. An increase in calories may seem like a terrible idea, but exercise requires more calories. Not only that, but too few calories cause you to hang on to fat, not release it.

Switch up your workout program. Maybe you need to increase your cardio. Maybe you need to do a different type of cardio. A new exercise program may be just the thing you need to kickstart your weight loss again.

Start using weights. It’s been proven that those who are working on their muscles have better metabolisms, so you continue to burn calories long after your weight training exercises.

Start working out for longer. An extra 10 minutes might be the thing you need. See how far you can push yourself, and look at the results you are able to get. Maybe you can’t run for 10 minutes longer, but maybe you can switch to jumping rope to get in that extra workout time.

Put more activities into your daily routine. You don’t necessarily need to be jumping about in the gym to make things work. Simple things like parking a good distance from a building you’re going to, or walking up stairs might be a smart idea to get more physical activitiy in your life. You can even give thought to more advanced things like sitting on a yoga ball while you use the computer, or putting the treadmill in front of the computer screen.

Re-examine your diet. Do you need to try something new? For example, if you see that you are drinking diet shakes, for example, maybe you need to switch to real foods. Maybe your portions are still too big. There could be a reason that your diet isn’t working, so do your best to discover why.

Stay committed. It’s really easy to think that things aren’t working, so forget it. It’s really easy to say you tried and it’s not working anyway. But you have to stay committed to your goal of losing the weight you want to lose. You might benefit from talking to those who have lost weight, because they know what you’re going through. If you stay committed to dropping weight, you can do it, no matter how long it takes.

It can feel terrible to land on a weight loss plateau. You are working hard and want to see results. However, you don’t have to worry. If you use the tips in this article, you will be able to turn things around and start seeing the weight loss you want to see again. Just use the information here, and you’ll be able to jump over that wall to success.