Even though it’s one of the oldest and most effective forms of online marketing, email marketing is still something of a mystery to many business owners looking to promote themselves on the Internet. Here are a few basic points to consider in order to get a better handle on this proven marketing technique.

What is it?

Although it does arrive in customers’ inboxes, email marketing is not spam. When you market via email, you’re communicating with customers (or potential ones) who have opted to receive your messages. You can make special offers to them, announce new products and services, and even solicit customer feedback.


What are the benefits?

The strong suit of email marketing is in customer retention. It’s a great way to build up customer loyalty and encourage repeat business. If you provide your customers with valuable information and attractive offers, you can keep them coming back again and again.


Does it work with other strategies?

Email marketing performs best when it’s used in concert with other online marketing efforts. For virtually all businesses, a website that enables you to sell online is a necessity. You may also find that a social media presence (e.g. Facebook page) is a handy addition to an email campaign.


How much effort does it take?

This is a slightly tricky question. There are programs and software packages available to make email marketing practically effort-free, at least in terms of technical requirements. That being said, you’ll get as much out of email marketing as you put into it, so you probably don’t want to be totally hands-off.


How much technical know-how is required?

As mentioned in the last response, today automated software carries a lot of the technical burden for business owners who do email marketing. If you can operate a website, you’ll have no trouble using good email marketing software. It will allow you to build and maintain a strong email list, automate your messages, and customize them for individual recipients. Many of the finest packages out there are even free!

Are there pitfalls?

Like any marketing strategy, email marketing can be misused. Although a properly-executed campaign will increase loyalty among your customer base, a poorly-managed one can have the opposite effect. You have to treat your customers with respect and offer them information and specials that are worth their attention.


Who benefits most from email marketing?

As you may already have gathered, email marketing is a better fit for some businesses than others. It’s ideal for sales-oriented companies, especially ones with low or moderate product costs. Email marketing can also be invaluable to businesses that rely on seasonal trade – email is an excellent way to wake up last year’s customers and call them back for another purchase.

If what you’ve read here has made email marketing sound right for your company, there’s plenty of additional information available to you online. You’ll find it surprisingly easy to gather the basic knowledge and software you need to launch your first marketing campaign. If it goes well for you, there are more advanced tactics awaiting further study. Good luck with next marketing venture!