Might it be possible to wind up in divorce court due to insecurity in relationships? I believe it depends on the people but can validate hunches or compel a partner to leave due to the craziness often times connected with insecurity in relationships.
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There may be some previous relationships where someone was damage that is causing in the marriage . Maybe ongoing memories of a tough break up before are fueling feelings that are insecure in the marriage . There may have been even or infidelity an awful divorce in an earlier relationship that is driving the insecurity.

You may find yourself or others who are risky constantly striving to answer the “what if” questions;

— What if I am unable to fulfill with all his or her demands and expectations?
— What if he or she finds someone better than me?
— What if my appearances shift will he/ she be brought to me?
Occasionally it is a challenge for people to believe they’re good for their partner.

So with panic and worry always on their thoughts, their behaviour places strain on the marriage and become difficult.

Strategies for Becoming Free

Believe in You

In order to break free from the snare of insecurity and envy, the insecure partner must consider that she or he can exist without the other, if need be. Psychological connection has a way of deceiving us into believing that there’s no other reality than the world we share with our partners. We hold emotions and dreams of the other man. However, if we understand that we can live without our partners, we’ll be less endangered by the chance of our partners leaving us for another. Our whole world will fall when we are left by our lovers.

Build Yourself Up in Love

When you admit that you’re a lovable man with tons of love to spread about you empower yourself. This love comes from your internal essence. The more you give it outside to the world the more it returns to you with the gifts of liberty and happiness. Envy and insecurity means which you just don’t share enough love about. Rather, you keep your fondness bottled up for only one individual within you. Because of this, you get mad when that apparently unique man apparently rejects your expressions of affection.
So, share your love.

Reinvent Yourself
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Refuse to be someone who’s constantly in fear of another’s departure. Life is too brief to remain narrow minded. Reinvent yourself by doing something completely new. Return to school to begin a fresh profession or become involved in a worthy cause. To put it differently, stand up for something which will transform your life, but the lives of others. You’re this significant to the world. By idolizing someone who perhaps giving you cause to be envious and insecure squandering your singularity is absolute madness.

When you overcome your awareness of insecurity and envy, you’re free to love your partner without connections. This is real love. You’re no longer fearful of losing your partner to someone else, if this should happen because you value yourself as someone specific. The knowledge of your true identity as a unique, one in a sort person will lift you to new levels of independence and experience.

There are some who are consumed with making sure their partner is joyful and approves of the relationship. The insecure man may carefully analyze facial expression, every word, or act by their partner and stress unnecessarily. Constantly wondering “is he/she sad with me”; or “why is he/she not grinning as much anymore” or “he or she must be leaving me because we haven’t been cozy in 2 weeks”.

The trouble with insecurity in relationships is that occasionally it is difficult to see actual problems that will need addressing due to the overreaction to everything.

If you or your partner is fighting with insecurity in your relationships here are a few things you can do to make your marriage
1. Quit attempting to be a mind reader. Since you understand there’s a degree of insecurity create a safe environment for being able to ask the question and talk it out. Rather than looking at something your partner did or did not do and wondering “what if”, ask him or her for benefit of clarity why or what precisely was meant or done. Do not make it up to your imagination.
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2. Avoid comparing your marriage to maybe previous relationships or others. If you keep focusing on unsuccessful or broken relationships you are going to drive your present marriage there as well.

3. Do not attempt to alter your partner to make you safe. You should reinforce your relationship so that your insecurity does not cause you to need to command activity, every word or place your partner goes.

Insecurity in relationships can lead to the insecure man just creating a frustrating miserable marriage or sabotaging the marriage out of fear and tension.
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In some cases there are good reasons for feeling insecure with partners generally fighting to recover from previous marriage issues that have broken the trust in the marriage .

In other situations individuals wed without experiencing that first trust like when one partner believes they are educated or lack the good looks they consider their partner will fall for. In such instances it is not unusual for marriage issues to be clear right from the start.

Many common marriage problems can be readily solved only through addressing and are driven by insecurity.

Suffering in any relationship or in a marriage can make partners stressed, in itself creates common marriage difficulties that would not otherwise exist and which in turn fuels.
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If you’re fighting do not only look at the marriage issues that are now evident but identify the underlying cause. It is not unusual for marriage issues to be only a symptom and not the cause and it is working out the underlying cause which will ultimately save your marriage.