If you are living in a major city, in an apartment or are confined to a

small space for some other reason,91xjcICUDcL._SL1500_ you may have taken up indoor gardening as a way to relieve stress and provide your household with fresh produce. If you have taken up indoor gardening, for whatever reason, and you are interested in making your indoor garden as healthy and productive as possible, then try and incorporate the following tips.


Most people that grow indoor gardens think that as long as the plants are inside, there is nothing more they have to worry about in terms of location. This is not always the case. In fact, there are several things that must be taken into consideration.91N84acJScL._SL1500_ How much sun light do your plants need? This will determine how close to a window the plants need to be. You will need to check your windows, however, as many plants that require lots of light do not do well under cold temperatures. In this case, if your window is drafty, you will need to relocate the plants that need sun light at night. A drafty window could cause these high light exposure plants to temperatures that will kill them.

If you have few windows, or if the window you do have are old and create the kind of draft in the above mentioned paragraph, you may want to try to simulate sun light. Many places sell light bulbs that produce light similar to sun light. This will allow you to give your plants the light they need without moving them in and out of the sun or away from drafty windows at night. Of course, this is often expensive to purchase the bulbs and to keep the energy going to light the bulbs.

Monitor your plants regularly for pests and do your best to control them.

One of the best things about indoor gardens is the ease with which you can control watering. Indoor gardening is almost always done with containers, so it is important to have plants that require the same amount of water grouped in the same containers. This will allow 8118BxCeHOL._SL1500_you to water effectively. You can also keep a written cheat sheet on the container to remind you exactly how much water you need to give each container without having to remember it.


If you have a cat or dog, you need to make arrangements to protect your indoor garden from cat jumps or dog teeth. This can be accomplished with the use of a baby gate or some other obstruction. You can also use mild chili powder mixed with water to keep your dog from chewing.

Hopefully this article has given you some things to think about when planning and updating your indoor garden. Indoor gardening is a great hobby, providing you with fun and produce for your dinner table. Remember to keep note of the most successful plants so that you can duplicate your results in the future and good luck.