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Does your blog appear in serp’s? If your blog is not listed, you have probably not been observed by search engine spiders yet. You need more visitors and more back-links for spiders to find your blog. You can list your website with most search engines but this does not guarantee that it will be listed in serp’s. Choose a popular blogging platform so you can easily connect with other bloggers and get back-links on blogs that were indexed by search engines.

Include strong keywords throughout your blog. Utilize HTML tags such as h1 and h2 to draw attention to your game titles and make sure you use strong keywords in the anchor text of your hyperlinks. Choose a domain name that contains any keyword and and select any blogging platform that allows you to make changes to the meta tags and description of the site so you optimize these 4 elements. You should use tools like Pay per click to find out more about the keywords the target audience is using and take note of the keywords used by your competitors so that you are not competing directly straight away.

Focus on creating quality articles and on updating your blog on a regular basis. Contact webmasters and writers who have a similar target audience and also exchange links. Have your site content featured on other websites and sites along with a back-link to your blog. You should feature quality content in return to provide the audience with useful information. Employ social networks to post links to your content and encourage people to express these links with their friends. These methods will work if you compose on topics your target market is interested in.

Organize your website so it is easy to navigate. Developing a blog gives you less control over the design and organization of the project, but you should be able to create quality pages and connect them together logically if you take enough time to familiarize yourself with the features of your respective blogging platforms. You should increase links to similar written content throughout all your articles and archive them so that website visitors can easily find information on the topic they’re interested in. Update your archives often and avoid changing the Addresses of your content so that your back-links are nevertheless valid.

Select a blogging platform along with useful statistic tools. You have to be able to see how many visitors you get and which links they followed to find your content. Record the number of comments you receive to obtain a better idea of what kind of articles get the most attention. Use these stats to create more popular content in order to get more back-links that will bring you visitors. Monitoring your results is the best way to improve your campaign in the end.

Use these tips to optimize your blog and get more traffic. Do more research about SEO techniques and make sure an individual adapt them to your blog.

Ad Copy For The Digital Age: Being An SEO Copywriter

If you’ve done work in the field of internet marketing, you’re probably aware that many website owners need large amounts of unique content in order to optimize their sites’ search engine performance. SEO copywriters are freelancers that specialize in providing this content. If you’d like to be one, here are some basic tips to help you get off to a profitable start.

Finding work is the first step you have to take, of course. There are a few online resources that you can rely on and some that you can skip in order to make the best use of your time. In general, it’s a good idea to avoid sites that are geared towards a wider professional community, (e.g. Getafreelancer or oDesk) because it can take too long to sift through the chaff and find the SEO writing jobs. Exercise caution with craigslist, too. While legitimate jobs in this field will occasionally pop up, they are few and far between.

While there are a lot of factors that can influence which clients are best for you, one trait that you should always be looking for is a high volume of work. Clients for whom your talents are exactly suited and who pay grate rates are not good clients if they only need a few hundred words a month from you. In contrast, you may find it well worth your time to work outside of your comfort zone and below your preferred rate when a client has oodles of work available for you.

With that being said, you should definitely have a lower limit to the pay rate you will accept. Below a certain point, the proceeds you make from SEO copywriting will not be enough to make up for the alternative uses you could find for your time. It may be better to keep looking for a client who will pay a few cents a word than to churn out work for one paying a fraction of a cent.

Once you gain some experience in the field, you’ll be ready to make your work-hunting more effective. One great way to do this is to eliminate intermediaries and target firms directly. The most common kind of SEO writing work you will find is working for marketing specialists who are re-selling the content you produce to their own clients. It is definitely possible for you to cut out the middle man. You’ll need to be able to present yourself professionally, but the increased profit potential makes it worthwhile.

In order to chase more lucrative clients, you’ll need to have a resume and a portfolio of writing samples that clearly demonstrate your value. When it comes to collecting portfolio pieces, you want to be all-inclusive. Keep a large collection of your best work. You will not be sending the entire portfolio to every potential client; what you want to do is cherry-pick the pieces that you feel will be most applicable to the client’s needs.

Going into the SEO copywriting business is an exciting way to take control of your career. It’s a field that calls for initiative and smart professional choices, though. You need to be able to do more than just write well. After reviewing this article, you’ll a little better equipped to handle the business end of the job. As you build up more experience in the field, finding good clients and landing them will get easier and easier.