Shoes, shoes, shoes, where would we be without them. Over the years, they have evolved from being appendages designed from keeping our feet safe from the elements to being a fashion accessory that gives a very big statement as to where you are, and are headed. In the current world, you can very easily be spoilt for choice as to what shoe to wear or not and where to find the best deals if you are a lover of fashion.

Well, whereas in days gone by, if you needed to buy a great pair of shoes, all that you had to do was to take a trip down the mall or better yet, if you could afford it hire a fashionista to choose for you the latest, trendiest, chic fashion out there. Now, though the playing field has been made level, for you to be in tandem with the latest fashions out there all that you need to do is to have a good understanding of how search engines work.

Wholesale Beats Retail

whole sale shoes

Hey, that does not mean that you need to sign up for a Search Engine course, like yesterday. No. It means that you need to know how to use the internet to find the best shoe deals at the most competitive prices. China makes practically 90% of the shoes in the world and so you need to find an online retailer who imports bulk china wholesale shoes.

If you find such a wholesale retailer, then you will be on the path of getting the best shoes at a price. We are going to explore some of the things that you should expect from a wholesale shoe retailer;

  • Transparency – This is very important for any online retailer, more so one who deals in fashion items and accessories. You need to make sure that the online wholesaler will deliver the genuine, authentic item that you requested, at the price that was agreed, on time. They should also have a window for returns if you find that the shoe ordered is flawed or does not match up to your expectations.


  • Current Platform – Looks are still everything even on the internet and this has never been truer for a website that sells shoes. The level of investment in the latest technologies should be a good pointer to the seriousness of the online seller, over and above that check that they use the “https” protocol for their website. This will be indication that you can easily make cash transactions on the site in a safe and secure manner.



  • Online Reviews – A good indicator of the level and quality of service offered is the number of real reviews of buyers who have used the platform before you. Check to find out what they have to say of the service, the more positive the better. The people running the platform should be proactive in answering all the queries that you might have promptly and in a helpful manner. Of course, the topping on the pie is that the platform should offer you superior deals, bargains and offers, compared to their peers.


Author Bio

Sujain Thomas is a fashion consultant who works directly with the manufacturers of fashion apparel straight out of China. She spots trends early and works directly with china wholesale shoes stockists to ensure that her clients get the best of the best in terms of fashion goods.