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January 2014

What You Have To Know To Avoid Bad Hosting Services

Your website is only as reliable as your web host. Your web host has an critical role in the health of your website. All of your web files are stored in your host’s server. If those servers go down, your business is virtually closed. If any of your web files get corrupted, your customers will have a bad experience visiting your website. You can see why it is so important to find a web host who is reliable and trustworthy. Read this article for some questions that you should consider.

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Web Design Faux Pas to Avoid

Even web designers have been known to fall prey to faux pas which make their websites utter failures. Over the decades since the Internet became public, these mistakes have been repeated time and time again. To learn from the mistakes of others and be able to avoid them yourself, read this article in full. [click to continue…]

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