1) Golden Face

Facials are popular at health spas as a good way to relax and obtain smooth and solution skin. In a Beverley Hills health spa they are offering a deluxe twist around the facial having a 24-karat gold edition. Using gold to improve your beauty features course nothing fresh yet this treatment requires the use of platinum further than before. The platinum is dissolved plus Gamma PGA/Nano Mist technologies is used. The particular Nano mist penetrates heavy into the pores and skin, and then platinum is massaged gently into the skin until it all completely vanished.


2)A Sparkling Therapeutic massage

Diamonds possess long been a ladies best friend and also have adorned from jewelry to clothing and even cell phones. Now though the Santa Monica spa are providing a diamond therapeutic massage where $1million worth associated with diamonds are placed across the spine while the masseuse gently massages the back.

3) Beer Shower

Every guys dream, a shower full of ale, is among the most recent and most expensive health spa treatments. The therapy takes place in a family brewery within the Czech Republic. The therapy includes a 20-minute ale bath flowed with a 25-minute bed sleep covered in a fleece jacket quilt before one last 30-50 minute therapeutic massage. The beer offers a range of vitamin supplements and proteins which usually softens and regenerates your skin. Don’t be concerned while at the particular brewery additionally, you will have the ability to sample the glass of drinking ale.

4) Wine Shower

In case you are really a wines coinsure than you might prefer a wines bath instead. The therapy utilizes the particular grape seed which contains significant amount of anti-oxidants and helps to decrease the aging of pores and skin. The wine shower, in a icon wine casket, is really bubbling water smashed grape extracts and natural oils. Prior to the bath perhaps you should consider using a Cabernet Wash.

5) A Fishy Hair shampoo

If you discover typical shampoos just aren’t having your hair shinny plenty of why not consider using a new luxury therapy in London. Fish, filled with omega a few, is introduced fresh from Serbia just days before your own appointment. Prior to the Caviar will be smeared in to hair therapists use an additional expensive food, the truffle based hair shampoo, to clean hair. In case you are concerned about the doer after that fear not as the particular eggs are liquefied just before use to eliminate odor.

6) Foot Bath Adequate to consume

The white chocolates raspberry truffle mix can adorn the menus from the finest restaurants on the planet, in one spa nevertheless it is used for the feet rather. The 60 moment pedicure follows on through an all over whitened chocolate raspberry truffle entire body therapy.

7) Six Fingers Lava Stone Therapeutic massage

Six Fingers Lava Stone Massage in Grand Wailea Resort and Spa expenses $450. Three practitioners use hot stones in order to massage the clients at the same time for about one hour.
8) Microablation plus Triphasic Combination Face

Microablation plus Triphasic Combination Facial in Cornelia Day Spa expenses $500. It includes microblation and is a favorite treatment using the post-plastic-surgery individuals. Aestheticians give therapy that minimize ranges, reduce acne plus ease chronic discomfort. Other treatments will also be done to shape and sculpt the face area.
9) Fish conditioner: For that rich and popular, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, investing around $400 for any shampoo treatment in her South Kensington health spa (U. H. price adjusted based on the 2007 trade rate) is worth it all. Zeta-Jones’ spa travelled in from Iran the particular Beluga caviar, which usually supposedly makes hair colour and texture richer plus creamier. Also section of the treatment is really a truffle-based hair shampoo.

10) $300 for actual snakeskin at Euphoria Lay Salon & Spa within Monterey, Ca

Certain, you might have your preferred nail artist color a snakeskin pattern on the nails however that might be too simple wouldn’t it? Plus besides, snakeskin is really a completely sustainable plus renewable resource because the animals usually lose three or more periods a year. Actually if you believe about this way, this really is really a fresh frontier in recycling where possible. To do this fierce appearance, manicurists meal custom-cut bits of snakeskin between in order to coasts of Bio Statue Gel, which appears and feels exactly like regular toenail polish? The task can last with regard to weeks — pretty good at $30 the toe.